Friday, July 20, 2012

Whistling in the wind!! & past due relationships

I've been riding my red bicycle to work and around the neighborhoods when I don't ride it to work. It makes me feel so much better. Maybe the endorphins are kicking in, or maybe I just like to ride in the wind--whistling. And in this last March, I was whistling in the wind a LOT. Sometimes it almost seemed as if the wind was blowing me backwards. I'll have to take a picture of my bike--when I find my camera! I've put it in a safe place--safe even from me.

Ok, here's the second part of my post. Past Due Relationships. Is it just women who stay in relationships too long--long after they work??? I'm not necessarily talking about marriage but friendships. There are a couple I have in mind--friendships that is--that are long past overdue. Being with these women stress me to the gills, we no longer have anything in common and our personalities clash. One woman and I have friends in common so I will be seeing her occasionally, and I can deal with that on a once in a great while occurrence.

Update, relationships with these 2 women have ended--I don't see them anymore and quite frankly it's been a blessing. I'm no longer stressed about it, and I'm sure they are happier too, and hopefully we've both moved on. I do cherish my memories of happier times with them and maybe in the future we can reconnect once in a while.  We grow and things change and we have to change too or stagnant in our own junk.

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