Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ah, good intentions go the way of the wind, I guess!! Well, I now have a new good intention. After a couple of weeks of turning my house and closets and rooms and cabinets upside down looking for a PIECE OF PAPER, I have decided to let many of my possessions go. I have way too much stuff and I want to get it down to those things I absolutely love and adore and HAVE to have. That would be my knitting and a very few dolls. A few books and really not too much else. I've spent too much time searching for "stuff" and having to go through EVERYTHING over and over, and frankly, I'm just not that organized to have a lot of stuff. intention (would say resolution but it's not the New Year and anyway NO ONE keeps those!!!) is to get my stuff down to a manageable level and to keep it organized.  Will post pictures later maybe!!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh, man, how the time does fly!! Guess I've been having too much fun. Hmmm....maybe not. Lots of changes since I've last blogged. My daugher has graduated from college, gotten married and moved to Korea to teach English. She and her husband are having a great time so far. I'm so proud of their big decision and even bigger steps to accomplish it. I would never have had the courage to move so far away even if that opportunity had been available when I was that age.  We've been skyping but now my video camera on my computer seems to have died.  Not a good thing. Oh well, I can at least still see her.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Whistling in the wind!! & past due relationships

I've been riding my red bicycle to work and around the neighborhoods when I don't ride it to work. It makes me feel so much better. Maybe the endorphins are kicking in, or maybe I just like to ride in the wind--whistling. And in this last March, I was whistling in the wind a LOT. Sometimes it almost seemed as if the wind was blowing me backwards. I'll have to take a picture of my bike--when I find my camera! I've put it in a safe place--safe even from me.

Ok, here's the second part of my post. Past Due Relationships. Is it just women who stay in relationships too long--long after they work??? I'm not necessarily talking about marriage but friendships. There are a couple I have in mind--friendships that is--that are long past overdue. Being with these women stress me to the gills, we no longer have anything in common and our personalities clash. One woman and I have friends in common so I will be seeing her occasionally, and I can deal with that on a once in a great while occurrence.

Update, relationships with these 2 women have ended--I don't see them anymore and quite frankly it's been a blessing. I'm no longer stressed about it, and I'm sure they are happier too, and hopefully we've both moved on. I do cherish my memories of happier times with them and maybe in the future we can reconnect once in a while.  We grow and things change and we have to change too or stagnant in our own junk.