Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ah, good intentions go the way of the wind, I guess!! Well, I now have a new good intention. After a couple of weeks of turning my house and closets and rooms and cabinets upside down looking for a PIECE OF PAPER, I have decided to let many of my possessions go. I have way too much stuff and I want to get it down to those things I absolutely love and adore and HAVE to have. That would be my knitting and a very few dolls. A few books and really not too much else. I've spent too much time searching for "stuff" and having to go through EVERYTHING over and over, and frankly, I'm just not that organized to have a lot of stuff. intention (would say resolution but it's not the New Year and anyway NO ONE keeps those!!!) is to get my stuff down to a manageable level and to keep it organized.  Will post pictures later maybe!!!!!

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