Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feng Shui and CLUTTER

I took a training course in Feng Shui from my cousin a year or so ago. She's a Master Feng Shui trainer. It was very interesting, although I haven't done too much with it. But I think it's time now to Feng Shui some areas of my house--the front porch in particular. It's very cluttered and messy right now so even if I didn't USE FS on it just cleaning it and clearing it would be beneficial. And I want to move my plants out and repot some of them. My blooming jasmine gave me the urge. It's time to trim it and try to propagate it, and repot it. And since it's spring it's time for that ole major spring cleaning!!! I'm not very good at that but I REALLY need to do it.

Now for the second topic--Clutter!! I've been wondering what makes people collect things?? I do collect some things--dolls, books--although I've been weeding those out, anything to do with Paris or France. My husband collects pottery. Is it the love of the game of searching pieces out?? I know that sometimes after I've acquired something I've REALLY wanted that I lose interest in it. it REALLY the search for something that we love??I don't like taking care of something after I've gotten it, I don't like to dust it, and I'm afraid that something will happen to it, and I don't like "all that stuff cluttering up my house". Is it that we THINK we NEED to have stuff?? In thinking about my parents' house, for the most part they didn't have clutter OUT where you could see it, but after they died I realized they were "closet clutterers"! They had all kinds of stuff crammed in their closets/basement/attic. Of course, they grew up during leaner times--the depression and WWII, so they saved everything--it might come in handy, we might need it, it's too good to throw out--but they didn't collect anything. They didn't "redecorate" like people do now. They painted and then put their old pictures right back on the wall. This might be one reason why they both left their kids a pretty hefty inheritance!! They didn't spend it on "Home Decor" and redecorate every year with imported stuff from Pier One, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target or wherever. In fact they avoided those stores like the plague--except for "necessities" from Walmart and Target--and necessities didn't include home decor!! Oh, well, it's time to get after MY clutter and see if I can send it packing!! I'm ready to Feng Shui the krappe out of here!!

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