Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jasmine blowing through my mind

Well, Dear Blog, it's been a while since I've written. But today I had the sweetest thing happen. I was dusting in my living room and kept smelling something sweet, and that was unusual in itself!! I finally looked at my poor jasmine plant that was wintering over in the dining room and it had a BLOOM on it!! And ONE bloom filled two rooms with a wonderful light delicate scent. I've sadly neglected it the last month or so and it still rewarded me. I'm hoping it is not it's swan song!! I can't wait to get it back outside and repot it and give it some tender loving care, but not TOO much!! It seems to thrive on my neglect. For the most part anyway. Jasmine is such a wonderful scent and is very calming. My friend MG found the most wonderful Jasmine perfume when we were in France at the L'occitane store, fortunately there are some L'occitane stores in the US, or maybe it's not so lucky, we MIGHT have had to go back to France for more!! OOLALA!! I could be packed and ready in 30 minutes!!

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