Saturday, March 28, 2009

Irish and Okie From Muskogee

I just have to ask, what is it with the Irish and the song Okie From Muskogee??!!! My husband and I went to Ireland about a year and a half ago. The first night we stayed at a really neat little old hotel with a courtyard bar and there was an Irish band. The first song they sang was Okie From Muskogee!! I could not believe it! I just wanted to hang out the window and yell "Hey, this Okie from Muskogee wants to hear IRISH MUSIC!!!". I did live in Muskogee a couple of times a couple of lifetimes ago. Then last night on the tv show Ballykissangel, there it was again!! Okie From Muskogee!!! Is it just that this song seems to be the "perfect country/western song" or what?? Maybe I'll find out someday.

It's been quite a while since I've posted. We went to Eureka Springs and set up at an antique show there and did quite well. The weather was ok, rainy on Saturday but that may have been to our advantage as it was too wet to work in the yard so people may have come to the show instead. We did sell more than we ever have before which was very good esp considering "the economy". Took our daughter and a friend of hers, and then my oldest son and his wife came down and spent the night. We ate at Gaskin's Cabin which is a fabulous place to eat. The original cabin was built by...Gaskin in about 1849--he was a trapper and bear hunter. Now it is a great place to eat--steak, prime rib, fish, and shrimp cocktail. The night before we ate at Rogue's Manor which is also a fab place to eat. We HAVE to eat at both of those places every time we go to ES and I highly recommend them. They both have vegetarian offerings that are outstanding just in case you don't eat meat. I usually have the Mediterranean Pasta which is vegetarian at Rogue's Manor, and it is outstanding! And then prime rib at Gaskin's which is fork tender and to die for.

And I had to visit Little Bo Peep's yarnshop, I always spend a small fortune there. It's a tiny shop but Michelle has a wonderful selection of yarn. She also has some antiques. And she hosts the Knitwits knitting group, I keep hoping to make it down there on a Tuesday for a meeting.

It's never a dull time in Eureka!! We go at least 3 times a year and there's always something fun and relaxing to do. Well, I'm going to go look at the snow falling!! Roz

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