Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Well, This one I'm not too fond of at this point. For one thing, the video was GONE--and all I had was the audio part and I'm more a visual person so...that was hard for me. And I'm not sure that I will use this part of the techno-stuff very much. I'm also not sure that I want that much stuff coming at me. So I'm a bit of a whiner about this part. I'm coming into the 20th century rather slowly, I STILL have a ROTARY PHONE, and I sorely miss the card catalog, and dates actually STAMPED in the front of my library books. I used to love flipping through the card catalog and find a book that I would never have found otherwise. But I AM enjoying the "23 things" as a whole.

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  1. Roz:
    Sorry to hear about your video probs. was this at work? If so, you might try it again & if it still doesn't work, you ought to call to IT to see they can fix this prob. Keep up the good work!