Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Technology, I hardly know ye!!

Well, as far as technology is concerned I've come a far ways--for me anyway. I've learned to blog, and it's FUN!! I've learned how to post pictures even though they don't always go where I WANT them to go. I've recently bought my third digital camera--although since I have an 18 year old daughter I didn't get to use the first two before she broke them. I'm afraid I've forbidden her to touch this one. What a mean mom!! Hmmm...that might be a good birthday present for her.

I'm listening to my first book on CD--never even listened to any on cassette. I'm not sure I really like listening to books--my mind tends to wander and I have to really force myself to focus but I do like the freedom to do something else while I'm listening.

I'm probably the only person left to have a ROTARY PHONE, yes, one with a DIAL. My daughter's friends do not know how to use it!! It was really kind of a hoot to watch their faces when they asked to use the phone but now since everyone has a cell phone (me too!!) they don't use ours anymore. I will have a rotary phone until I absolutely HAVE to get a touch-tone one, it has such a great ring.

All in all, except for the phone thing, I've enjoyed technology!!! Roz

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  1. Roz,
    This blog is really lookin good. I have been reminded of just how great that France trip was for the both of us.