Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hmmm....I can see that I'm NOT very good at the picture lay-out thing, in fact, I have no clue how to place them where I want them. BUT they are there. I hope you enjoy them. We saw soooo many things in our two weeks in France. We didn't have a guide in Paris and I think we enjoyed that. I know we missed a lot of things, but how could you not in only 1 week?? We DID see a lot of things however that we wouldn't have IF we had been on a tour. We got pretty good at finding our way on the Metro--after the first try where we sorta did a Laurel and Hardy routine of getting on the Metro and then discovering we were going the wrong way and then getting off and TRYING to figure out which way we really wanted to go--this included running up and down the platform and UP and DOWN steep stairs SEVERAL times and trying to figure out the schedule. FINALLY we realized that we needed to go towards the END result--which is what people had TOLD us but we didn't quite get at first. When we did get really good at it--it was time to go home. OH, well. BUT first we went to the south of France and met up with a group of knitters--well, mostly knitters. This was a great group to join. Generally very flexible. We knitted 3 mornings with a pretty well-known designer from England, Louisa Harding, who was designing for her latest book. That was really interesting to watch. Then in the afternoons we toured the south of France--we sorta had a schedule but if we wanted to do something else, we did. We heard about a woollen mill up in the hills one day so we took off for there, it was quite interesting, we bought yarn by the pound from a little man who really did speak no English, but was quite helpful anyway. Then after that, we went to the Mediterranean Sea--close to where we were staying. Oh, my first glimpse of the MED!! LOVED IT!! It was Sept so it was a little chilly but I still got in up to my knees or so. We had Flat Stanley with us--that will be another post but I will just say, water and wind is a dangerous thing for Flat Stanley!! But he did ok. Our guides and hosts for the south of France were Phil and Kristeen and their son Deva--Kristeen is also a knitting designer and has a new book out--French Girl Knits--and the name of this part of our trip was the French Girl Knits Tour. There is a picture SOMEWHERE on my blog of Phil and Deva. I have to say also, that Deva and Phil coped quite well with all of us 40ish-50ish women and toted us wherever we wanted to go. THANKS SO MUCH!! This was really where being with a group was great, we saw things here that we wouldn't have if we had been by ourselves. I STILL have great dreams of France. I hope that I can someday go on another French Girl Knits Tour. Well, enough for now of France, VIVA LA FRANCE!!! Oh, I do have to say, the French people were very nice to us--even in Paris where the pace is faster. Roz

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