Tuesday, February 17, 2009

library things

Well, I figured it was time to get to the "library things" of my blog. Oh, how stoopid we are when we are young and don't listen to our elders!! I'm experiencing that with my 18 year old daughter now. I got a degree in English Education--which was quite all right. Then I went back for my Master degree. Hmmm... I LOVE reading and Reading Specialist was supposed to be quite the coming thing back in 1977--so that's what I went for. I was also getting certified in Elementary Education sorta to cover all bases so I had to take Children's Literature in the Library Sciences section. My professor, Polly Clark, tried so hard to convince me to change my Master major to Library Science, but NNNOOOOOOOOO, I wouldn't listen. And I have somewhat regretted it ever since. Although I LOVE reading I didn't like teaching Remedial Reading. I LOVED teaching Literature and LOVED taking my students to the library. I LOVED reading children's books, juvenile books and young adult books. I LOVED matching my students up to a book that I was sure that they would love. Well, I did a pretty good job at teaching I think, I hope, I mainly taught Literature and then Social Studies which I also loved and we used the school library a good deal. So I retired a couple of years ago after 29 years of teaching. I subbed in a small school system last year and really liked that. I had planned to do that again this year but in checking the TCCL job openings I noticed a JOB in the little town where I live and applied for it. AND GOT IT!! WOOHOO!!! I'm now the "Teen Library Associate" at my branch--about a mile from my house!! Another WOOHOO!! I love still working with kids and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job!! Everytime my husband and I drive by the library I have a phrase that I say--"There's my library, I LOVE my job!!). Now he just points at it and waits.

As for my daughter listening to her elders, well, I know that is a rite of passage, we'll still keep flinging advice at her in the hopes that some of it sticks. I also know that she is probably going to major in what she wants to right now, and in a few years, she may do a career change too. That way she can have the best of both worlds, which is what I think I had/have!!! WOOHOO!!! Plus, I have to say, the library system has EXCELLENT books on KNITTING!!! Roz

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