Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where does the time go???

Oh, MAN!! It's been TWO months since I've blogged. Well, some things have been going on and I just feel like doing it. We went to Rochester Minnesota to the Mayo Clinic to get Lucy checked out. She's had "stuff" going on all her life. She still has a little going on but all in all, she's in pretty good shape IF IF IF she takes care of herself--but then, that's true most likely of all of us. I've just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease--which means I can nothing made from wheat, rye or barley, no beer, no rye whiskey, no donuts, no bread, no onion rings etc. LOTS of stuff has gluten in it, which is the thing in wheat/rye/barley that my body has an autoimmune reaction to. But i haven't found it too awful so far. I FEEL sooooo much better!!! I'm no longer immensely tired, my stomach no longer aches, I no longer have to know where every bathroom in the country is (unless that is, I eat...GLUTEN!!!). Lucy is most likely gluten-sensitive--she does not have celiac NOW but does carry the genes for it.

After getting back from the cool weather in Minnesota to the hot hot hot summer heat/humidity of Oklahoma we had to get her ready to move to Stillwater to go to college. That has been AWFUL. It's time for her to get out and have a place of her own, but it's hard to let 'er go!! I'll miss her, I've had kiddoes for 35 years so this is something way new for me. She's been snarling at me, I've been snarling at her, her dad has just stayed away from it all but it's been AWFUL. I'm sure we have all kinds of emotions going on, she's ready to get out there, I'm ready to get her out there, but I'm also going to miss her a lot!! It seems like just YESTERDAY that she was running around in a diaper with my nightgown draped over her like a little princess. I keep telling myself that just a few generations ago a "girl" ("woman"???) her age would have been married for several years and most likely would have kids of her own. BIZARRO!!! I cannot imagine that for her. And she told me that when she got out of college she's going to move to San Francisco!!! My gawd--that's a LONG way off!!! That made me even sadder. OH, well, time flies and then you grow up, and your kids grow up. It's not sad... not really...I keep telling myself's natural, but I'm still sad. Where is my baby??? She was just here a few minutes ago...or was that really a few years??? Wow. Anyway, I love ya baby, I love all my babies.... and their babies. Time...where does it go?

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