Thursday, August 20, 2009

The kindness of relative strangers!!

I mentioned to a very nice young lady a couple of weeks ago that I was gluten-intolerant--she's a sales rep for a natural foods distributor. She brought me some WONDERFUL gluten-free items--made by Shabtai-Gourmet--and they are FABULOUS!!! You cannot tell that they have no wheat or gluten in them. I am going to work hard to get them distributed in Oklahoma--principally at Akin's. They are THAT good that it is worthwhile trying to get them locally. So...hence the title Kindness of Relative Strangers. It is also inspiring me to come up with some more random acts of kindness--I LOVE those!!! It is pretty easy to do kind things for those you love and know...and also easy to not do them for those you love and know. So I'm going to make an effort to be kinder to my family and friends as well as people I don't know. And I'm going to try to blog every day!!! That's going to be my random act of kindness to myself.

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